Terms of Service

Last updated January 2024.

Registration and usage of the ScoutKeeper System is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The ScoutKeeper System is intended solely for use by The Scout Association of Malta.

2. Users acknowledge that ScoutKeeper is developed, maintained and operated by QuadNine Ltd, which owns the intellectual property arising from the system and all its derivatives.

3. All non-system data belongs to the Scout Association of Malta. Any opinions published on the site belong to their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Scout Association of Malta.

4. Registered members agree that any information they enter into the system will be used for the purpose of maintaining statistical data, communicating with registered members and offering features and services to such registered members. Basic details will also be shared amongst registered members under the Scouting Directory feature.

3. Registered members agree to provide full and correct details for the purpose of maintaining an updated membership database. Personal details entered into the ScoutKeeper System will not be sold to third parties or otherwise be made public except to registered members. It is understood that in the case of failure to provide complete or correct details, a member’s account can be refused, suspended or terminated.

4. The operators reserve the right to use the system to market products and services.

5. The system may not be used by commercial entities or by organisations or individuals for commercial reasons unless by prior arrangement with the Operators.

6. All activity on the system is logged. In case of abuse, the relevant logs will be forwarded to the authorities for immediate prosecution.

8. The Operator reserves the right to change these terms and conditions as the need may arise without prior notice.

The ScoutKeeper System is fully compliant with the Laws of Malta.