Call for nominations to the National Scout Council

Call for nominations and notice of election for one member of the National Scout Council 


(1) The National Scout Council notifies that the posts of one member of the National Scout Council is vacant and therefore invites nominations for election of members to the Council with a deadline of the 6 May 2024 for the submission of nominations. 

Overview of the Process 

(3) According to the Constitution Chapter 5 Article 20.2(a), the General Assembly will elect members to form the National Scout Council by secret ballot.  

(4) In this respect, the Honorary Secretary shall receive nominations of candidates for the filling of such vacancies until 6 May 2024 .  

(5) The final list of submitted and validated candidates will be published before the 20 May 2024. 

(6) The members that are eligible to vote are those that form part of the General Assembly, in accordance with Chapter 4 Article 16 of the Constitution.  The General Assembly is composed of the eligible appointed members as standing on the date of publication of this call.  Holders of appointments issued after this date shall not be eligible to vote. The list will be issued in the coming days. 

(7) The National Scout Council will be nominating members on the Electoral Commission to verify the credentials of nominees submitted for election to the post of member on the National Scout Council and also to oversee the proceedings of the election. These will be assisted by the Honorary Secretary.  
(8) In accordance with Article 18 – Voting – 18.2 of the Constitution, a member who fails to pay his/her annual registration fee up to and including the end of the fiscal year preceding the election shall forfeit his/her right to vote, unless remission or postponement of dues has received prior authorisation from the Executive Committee. 
(9) Written Statements from each nominated candidate will be published online. 

How to apply

(10) Prospective applicants need to complete and submit:  

(11) The completed Profile Form and the Declaration of Interests form will be published on Scoutkeeper. The police conduct certificate will not be made public and shall be returned to the applicant once voting is over. 

 (12) These need to be submitted to the Honorary Secretary on by the closing date of the applications. 

 How to vote

(13) We will be voting electronically over the span of three days. The date of the elections will be announced in due course. 

(14) Please ensure that your email address on OSM is correct and valid. Voting invitations will be sent to this email address. Please contact the voting team on if you have any difficulty. 

Yours in scouting,

George Cassar

Honorary Secretary