The history of ScoutKeeper

  • 2004


    The project started as a small membership system for a local scout group.

  • 2006


    The idea of having a national scouting information portal was pitched – and shot down. Paper was the primary way to disseminate and control information.


  • 2007


    ScoutKeeper was launched as an independent information portal on a personal initiative. The initiative was initially met with scepticism and it was assumed that it would fizzle out in a few months.

  • 2008


    Within 12 months, more than half the Scout Groups in the Association were using the system regularly and new features to assist the management of groups were implemented.


  • 2009

    Official Platform

    In 2009, the National Scout Council decided to adopt ScoutKeeper as The Scout Association of Malta’s official Membership Platform. Over the next few years, the system went through several revisions and updates with features being added all the time.

  • 2014


    After more than seven years of privately funding the system hosting, maintenance and upgrades to keep the system free for TSAM, the system’s ownership was transferred to QuadNine and TSAM started paying a token licence fee to partly cover the expenses of running the system.


  • 2020

    End-of Life

    By 2020 the age of the system started to take a toll on its ability to keep up with modern technology and user’s expectations. It was decided that ScoutKeeper had reached the end of its useful life, and TSAM would start looking for a replacement.

  • 2022


    Going forward, ScoutKeeper will eveolve into something new – returning to its roots and serving its original purpose as an information portal…  please subscribe to the newsletter to know how the story continues.